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Modern Workplace podcast is a conversation about digital transformation and the future of productivity. We're bringing you access to business and technology leaders who are creating the future – today. This is a monthly show partnered with the Microsoft 365 Blog. Transcripts provided with each episode.

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Feb 27, 2020

This month in the Modern Workplace, we focus on the Art of Teamwork – which sounds awfully fancy, but in reality, it’s about how we get things done together. Teamwork is essential but it can feel like a contact sport at times! Alex talks again with Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jared Spataro to explore the art of teamwork and share some insight from the most successful teams. Also in the show, what's new in Microsoft 365, Fluid Framework, Jared's talk at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, and much more.


Art of Teamwork [02:30]

Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference [13:15]

What's new in Microsoft 365? [26:05]


Resources and Links:

"5 attributes of successful teams" article b

Alex Bradley | @amcgb

Jared Spataro

Microsoft 365 | @Microsoft365 | LinkedIn

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Jared Spataro speaks at Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference 2020 [audio and transcript]

Fluid Framework preview


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